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Acronym Finder American Memory
Aphorisms Galore! Ask Numbers-Conversion Calculators
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Britannica Chicago Public Library - Selected Internet Resources Conversion Tables DEAD OR ALIVE ?
Dead or Alive Data Base Destination Earth
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Earth Update Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Mythica Familiar Quotations
Federalist Papers Find a Grave
Find the Words Forbes - Best of the Web
Founding Documents Geobopological Survey
Good Quotations by Famous People History House Home Finance and Mortgage Calculators
Hyper History Infoplease Jensen's Web Guides
John Kohnen's Nautical & Boatbuilding Links Kim Komando's Kool Sites
Major Religions of the World Martindale's The Reference Desk
Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus Michigan Electronic Library
Miller Center- US Presidents NASA's Earth Observing System
Neat New Stuff on the Web Official U.S. time
On-Line Writing Lab & Other Resources One Look Dictionaries
Presidents Quotations Search Page on About
Ref Desk RhymeZone
Scholars' Guide to WWW Sid Harrison's Enormous Link List
Temperature Conversion Calculator The American Presidency - Grolier Online
The American Presidency Project The Constitution of the United States
The Franklin Institute Online The History Net
The History Page The History Place
The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum The Library of Congress
The Online Books Page The Quotations Page
The The Virtual Library Thomas-Legislative Info on the Net
Those were the days Time and Date
University of Washington Reference Tools Virtual Perpetual Calendar
Visible Earth Who's Alive and Who' Dead
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia Will Rogers
World History Compass World Religion Resources  

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